Tiles App launches web pages at the speed of thought.


Tiles App launches in the blink of an eye when you hit the insert key.


Create your own tiles for the specific tools you use on the web.


Built to fit in on Windows with the framiliar Tile theme you see every day.

Built with Love

Built with the professional in mind, you'll love the time this tool saves.


Available as a public preview, get TilesApp from the Microsoft App Store.


Q: What is the point of this app?
A: TilesApp launches browser windows that embed custom terms in the URL for lightening fast lookup.

Q: What sort of things would I lookup?
A: Google searches, Amazon items, bug numbers, stock tickers or anything else that has a simple id you look up regularly.

Q: How does it work?
A: Check out our How To

Q: Can I make my own tiles?
A: You can add your own tiles for literally any URL's you chose.

Q: How can I onboard multiple tiles for my company so they show in the catelog?
A: Email us ( and we'll provision a set of tiles for your company that your co-workers can leverage.

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Tiles App = Happiness!