TilesApp - Quick How To Instructions

To use TilesApp fully, you first need to understand a bit about how URL’s work. If you search on ANY website on the internet, take a look at the URL you get redirected to after you hit the search button. Usually the ‘thing’ you searched for will be in that URL. For example, if I type in “Dogs” and click the search box on Google.com, I get redirected to the search results page which has a URL of:


Notice it took what I typed in, in this case dogs, and made it part of the URL. Notice that if you replace dogs with cats in the URL, hit enter, the search changes to show cats. This is the principle that TilesApp uses to let you search faster. The search box is in one place in TilesApp, but the app can launch ANY website and inject the search term in the right place.

Searching the web is usually a multi-step process of (1)launching your web browser (2)finding the site you want to search, (3)typing in the search term, (4)clicking “search”. In TilesApp, the app is always running, bound to the ‘Insert’ key on your keyboard, ready to accept your search string and then you simply click the tile you want it to Search. Adding your own tiles is easy. Just identify the search URL of your favorite site, and replace the search term with {0} so that TilesApp knows where to inject your query.

Enjoy and of course, feedback is welcome!

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